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Customizing your Guinness has never been easier!

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Summer evenings are perfect for enjoying a cold beer in the company of friends, favoring moments of relaxation during the holidays and refreshing our moments of leisure and fun. In fact, summer is the season in which people prefer to party and what better way than with a Guinness in hand, mostly if personalized with your favorite image?

Thanks to Cino Printer Coffee X, the new food printer produced by 3D Innovation Technology, you can serve your customers a personalized Guinness and make your place the coolest among the others. The Cino Printer Coffee X printer not only prints on coffee and cappuccino, but also allows you to print on beers like Guinness. You will see how customers will be happy to personalize their drink with their selfies and stop pleasantly inside your bar or restaurant. Your place will become full of people who will stay late in the company of excellent glasses of personalized Guinness.

Your location will become a well-known reference point in the area where you can meet to spend an evening full of originality and fun, especially among young people who will not lose the opportunity to share their personalized Guinness on social networks and consequently increase your followers. .In fact, statistics show that the trend of beer consumption has been growing in recent years, gaining more and more success, especially in the youth groups, who will go crazy in receiving their Guinness personalized with their favorite images.

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