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Cino PrinterⓇ is brand of 3D Innovation Technology S.r.l. Company,  is a company from Catania, Italy, active all over the world, specialized in the Assembly, Distribution and Assistance of 3D Printers and in new technologies in the food sector.

3D Innovation Technology S.r.l. in 2017  presented at Host Milano his own product with the brand "Cino Printer®" coffee for the Horeca Sector, a 3D printer to print with food ink on cappuccino, beer, smoothies, drinks, biscuits, ice cream and more ...

After the success of the Cino Printer, currently the best on the market for functionality and ease of use, in June 2021 the new model "Cino PrinterⓇ" coffee X is launched, more printing speed, only 10 seconds, more resolution, integrated camera for instant selfies and the ability to add the customer's brand to all selfies. The company's goal is to always create new products in its sector and the battle phrase is "Print every side of your life.

In 2021 the Company completes the research and development of Robot CoffeeⓇ, the first automatic vending machine with robotic arm that creates cappuccinos and coffees with customized printing, selfie or image prefer. Starting production in 2022.

in 2023 he created Cino Printer GoⓇ, the first portable coffee printer, an evolution of the previous models.

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