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Robot Coffee
robot coffee.jpg
robot coffee.jpg

The First Kiosk Automatic Robo Arm for Coffee

All automated, choose images or take Selfie on the moment to print on your coffee or cappuccino to have an unforgettable start to the day

The estimated earnings for the placement in a shopping center are around € 10.000/15.000 to months

Compact robot arm, fast movements with safety gripper so as not to lose the glass, the structure is of excellent quality, manufacturer's guarantee, customers are attracted by the beautiful arm movements that will make them happy to take their coffee.

Touch screen with integrated camera, intuitive software for a quick and easy experience. You can choose your drink, choose whether to personalize it with images from the gallery or take an instant photo and order it with a click.

Better Quality Service 

icone copia 2.png

Robo Arm Automatic

icone copia 3.png
icone copia.png

Perfect Foam

Big Capacity
And Fast 


Personalize Beverage

rendering roobot coffe.38.jpg
rendering roobot coffe.39.jpg

Robot Coffee is The first automatic kiosk that creates coffee and cappuccino with personalized printing, ideal for shopping centers, innovative offices, airports, luxury hotels.

Actual Consumption 100 W

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