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The first Robot Coffee for printing on beverage!

Robot CoffeeⓇ is the first automatic vending machine with robot arm for the creation of coffee, cappuccino, American latte, with the possibility of customizing drinks with your own selfie or preset images found on the software, suitable for shopping malls, subways, airports. , luxury hotels and many other places.

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From our commercial research, large earnings have been estimated as the use of Robot CoffeeⓇ does not require the presence of a physical person to manage it, as the distributor is completely automatic, thus guaranteeing a monthly income of about 10,000 euros. Furthermore, Robot CoffeeⓇ is also a great attraction for the coffee sector, especially for roasters who intend to sponsor their coffee at trade fairs or special events.

coffee printer, robot coffee, selfie coffee, vending coffee automatic

Therefore an innovative product in step with the times, as the robot arm that was already used in the industrial field, is now integrated into products interconnected with other innovative technologies such as Cino PrinterⓇ. In fact, the absolute novelty, compared to other Robot Coffees already on the market, is precisely the interconnection with a 3D printer for coffee Cino PrinterⓇ, which provides the customer with the possibility of personalizing their drinks without using the barista, but rather through the use of a robot arm that works completely automatically.

So Robot CoffeeⓇ today represents an absolute innovation in the barista sector and beyond, an exclusive novelty also in the wedding sector and in the world of events.

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